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  • A Global Multi-Stakeholder meeting

    Desertif'actions is the Civil society International Forum dedicated to land degradation and combating desertification. The forum will bring together over 300 stakeholders from over 100 countries from June 10th to 13th 2015 in Montpellier (France).

    Civil society organizations, scientists, local government, farmer organizations, private and public institutions… will meet in Montpellier in order to share their concerns and built common positions on desertification and land degradation under a changing climate and its consequences in northern and southern countries!

    The Désertif'actions 2015 Program includes:
     3 days collaborative work with panel and group work in Montpellier among international stakeholders
     Preparatory meetings in southern countries
     One preparatory e-forum open to all 3 days devoted to workshops
     One special day downtown devoted to the general public awareness and cultural and scientific events open to the public

  • Desertification is not just happening somewhere else!

    All too often, desertification is perceived as simply the spreading of the desert and sand dunes. This vision is essentially romantique and false. Desertification is a process of degradation of the soils caused by climatic and human induced factors. In different regions and under different climates, desertification affects more than 100 countries including 13 in Europe. More than one billion of people are directly harmed by desertification worldwide.

    40% of the surface of land is affected by desertification.
    44% of the cultivated systems are impacted.

    The consequences of desertification are worldwide: loss of soil fertility, reduction of animal and vegetal biodiversity, soils degradation, decrease of agriculture productions, negative impacts on the climate… Many of these threats are collective and the climate change does aggravate them.

    The consequences of desertification deteriorate further the livelihoods of the most vulnerable populations, limiting their development, increase the forced migrations and induce locally and on long distance social instability, thus worldwide insecurity .

    In this context it's time for civil society to resonate its voices! It is up to each and every one of us!

  • Homepage3-Une année déterminante pour l'avenir de notre planète
    Homepage3-Une année déterminante pour l'avenir de notre planète

    2015: a Decisive Year for the Earth’s Future

    In 2015, a number of decisive international governance encounters will be taking place to address the environment, climate and biodiversity issues.

    The stakeholders impacted by desertification processes and by the acceleration of these processes are often not asked to participate in international debates. Civil society’s purpose in meeting at Desertif'actions 2015 is to reintroduce the testimony and interrogations of these stakeholders into international conversation and debate. It will then be in a better position to make itself heard during the upcoming international summits, which include:

    • UN General Assembly and validation of the Sustainable Development Objectives
    • United Nations Conference to Combat Desertification in Istanbul,
    • United Nations Conference on Climate presided by France in December 2015.
    Civil society’s participation in these meetings - in which decisions concerning the future of the planet and its populations will be taken – will only be effective if we are able to articulate a strong, clear common message.

Désertif'actions 2015 in brief...

+ 350 participants

+ 100 countries represented

3 lines work

1 special events day

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